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Jollibee Now offers Bacon and Corned beef Breakfast Pies for always busy folks

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day that you shouldn't escape despite how busy you are. Living in this imperfect world, we couldn't deny the fact that sometimes we skip breakfast just to complete our tasks of the day.

The Jollibee breakfast pies are perfect to always busy folks, they added two new variants for your daily instant breakfast ready to go  anytime for school or work, commuting, and of course sitting in annoying  traffic.

The new breakfast pies come in two flavors: Cheesy Bacon and Cheesy Corned Beef. Both have the signature crispy, golden pie crust filled with creamy mashed potatoes and cheese.

You can get the Cheesy Corned Beef Pie nationwide, while the Cheesy Bacon Pie for now is only available in select stores in Luzon at P49 each.

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