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Netizens lambasted this viral post "Students Are Not Robots"

A post of an unknown social media user went viral about the pain and hatreds about school, as it can be read below.
"School is not a school anymore
School makes students cry
School makes us suicidal
School makes us feel depressed
Schools makes us feel stupid
School makes us wanna die
Schools makes us hate life
Schools makes us sick
School makes us nervous
Schools makes us forget to have fun.
School makes us forget that life is short, that we get older each and everyday that we should relax and have some fun too."

Jao Jundam post reap different reactions from the netizen when this viral photo circulates on social media.

With his post, he says:

"I saw this post circulating around social media and makes me wonder “Is this really how ungrateful some of the Filipino youth are nowadays?”

"Seeing posts complaining of how “demanding” school works makes me cringe due to the fact that as a student myself (23 yo and still studying. heyya. lol), I would rather have “demanding” school works (as long as it’s relevant) rather than a “chill lang” education which teaches me nothing. Kung gusto mo ng chill lang, tumambay ka nalang sa bahay. Aside from this, I have heaps of questions that I wanted to ask this girl.

"Pls. read these questions in a "malumanay" way. Haha!

"First, iha, are you a working student? Do you have to manage your time working while making sure your studies aren’t compromised? Do you budget your expenses to make sure that your ends meet while paying for your tuition fee? Or do you not even get a good night sleep because of working multiple jobs while doing your homeworks just to finance yourself?

"Second, iha, before you complain about how depressing and demanding your school works are at present, have you ever considered the magnitude of hardships that previous generation of students have to endure just to finish their studies? Back then, when a professor says “research”, our parents don’t just go to google and type their queries, but rather they have to go to libraries to find the answers to their questions. They also have to move their lazy asses to meet for group projects just to discuss because you know, group chat isn't a thing back then. With the help of modern technology, how hard it is really to comply with your school requirements? Have you thought of this?

"Third, iha, before you complain, for whom are you studying for? Is it for your parents? No. Your friends? No. It’s for your own self kid. Think about your parents' sacrifices to put you in school. Just be thankful enough that your parents are able to provide you with the education you don’t even want in the first place. Do you think of this?

"Lastly, if you're already that "stressed out" with your studies, what more when you're faced with the reality of #adulting? The reality in which you can no longer post any posts because your bills, including your internet bills, are already piling up. The reality wherein you can't just say "Maam/Sir, nakalimutan ko po kasing gawin" because you know, billing companies aren't really that tolerant when it comes to due dates. And please appreciate your teachers, they are far more considerate than your future bosses. Lol! The hardships that you encounter today always prepare you for the worst of tomorrow. But do you think about this?

"This goes to all “Gen Zs" and co-"Millennials" out there who complain alot. Konting hirap, reklamo. Konting bigat, give up. Konting lungkot, depresyon. FYI, depression is a serious mental condition and not just a mood. Para mo naring sinabi na may TB ka dahil lang naubo ka.

"Bago kayo kumuda, siguraduhin nyo munang meron na kayong nagawa. Comply before you complain. Life is not and will never be easy. Paghirapan nyo yung buhay na gusto nyong magkaron. Hindi yung puros pa-fame, pa-cool, pa-astig, at pauso lang ang alam. Hirap sa henerasyon ngayon (not all), napakentitled na sa lahat ng bagay. Keso karapatan, keso human rights, keso independence.

"Before you guys fight for your rights, you should also first know and practice your responsibilities. Responsibilidad sa sarili, sa pamilya, at sa bayan nyo.

"If Gat. Jose Rizal is still alive today, he would really be disappointed of how some of the Filipino youth 
has devolved today. Mga gahamang erehe't pilibustero! Jk! Haha!

"All I'm saying is that before you complain, look at someone who's more unfortunate than you are, someone who's experiencing more crazy-shit problems than you do, then learn to appreciate. Appreciate the things that you have than complain of the things that you haven't. Or better yet, make your ass work hard to get what you want. It's ok to complain, we're humans, we need to vent out. I do it too. But complaining without even doing anything in the first place is a whole lot of a different story. Because at the end of the day, it's not always those who have many are happy but those who are contented with what they have daily.

"I'm not trying to invalidate anyone's feelings with this post. But if that's how you see it, fine. We have our own lives so who am I to dictate how someone lives his/her own life? I'm no Hitler you know. Yes, we all have our own differences but what makes us, people, the same, nonetheless if you're a Millennial, Gen Z X Y A B C whatever, is that we have things that we possess and things that we lack. And the message of this post is to inculcate the awareness of appreciating the things that we have and lend light to people na may mga bagay parin na dapat ipagpasalamat despite the hardships and negativities in life. I'm not taking away anyone's right to complain, sino ako para gawin yun? Instead, I'm asking everyone to consider the good things in their lives that are often overlooked just because of a simple discomfort or hardship.

"And this post is not also about who's stronger than the other because we have our own strengths and weaknesses, and I know that. But you don't actually need strength to be thankful. Hindi lakas kundi pagpapahalaga ang kailangan para maging kuntento at masaya kung anong meron ka. And pls. make the most out of who and what you have before it's too late.

"Lastly, for some people who might call me “insensitive” or “unsympathetic” for asking those three paragraph of questions just because I’m “comparing” my struggles with other people. Sorry but no. Those questions aren’t based on my personal experience but rather derived from Soares et al.’s (2015) peer-reviewed journal tackling the factors of high school dropouts: Financial Incapacity (paragraph 1), Inaccessibility to Resources (paragraph 2), & Lack of Family Support (paragraph 3). These are facts, not feelings. Wag kang Rebisco.

"I'm a registered nurse. As much as I hate spreading bacteria, I hate spreading bad vibes more. There are three things that I love to spread out in this world though. First is Awareness, second is Peace, and third is Nutella. "

This post floods with comments as “demanding”, “stupid”, “quit and start working”, and more.

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