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Pope Francis wears anime coat of his face during Japan trip

There's no doubt why Pope Francis was loved by many Catholics especially the youth. Recently, on his trip to Japan the bubbly pope wasn't afraid to try out new styles as he wore an anime pink-and-blue traditional coat called a "happi" by young Japanese attendees.

The 82-year-old sports a wide smile as he presented the coat with an anime styled representation of his face and designed with cherry blossom flowers, a national symbol of Japan.

Words in different languages are featured, including text in Japanese and Spanish.

"Gratitude," "let’s pray together," "may there be peace," "what can be done to give disaster victims hope" and "we are glad that you're the pope" can be read on the coat.

The 'happi' coat was given to him by young Japanese participants during his visit to the Cathedral of Holy Mary in Tokyo. He also visited Nagasaki and Hiroshima, where he condemned the horror situation brought by destructive nuclear weapons.

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