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Thanksgiving 2019: New York commuters enjoy free festive meal on subway

The United States is celebrating the annual Thanksgiving Day for the good harvest and other blessings for the past year. The New York City subways seems came early to celebrate the holiday feast onboard the Brooklyn-bound L train. 

Stand-up comedian Jodell 'Joe Show' Lewis, organised the impromptu meal on Sunday and the video of commuters enjoying their meal has emerged online.

Video footage shows rider standing behind a table with a full Thanksgiving feast was set up in the middle of the aisle. After a prayer, everyone on the train was allowed to eat, with about 40 people inside the train were fed.
Lewis told The New York Post he organised the Thanksgiving dinner to "bring a little excitement to commuters and feed any New Yorkers who might be hungry." 

Lewis added that he chose the L train after he saw how commuters "dreary and upset" due to inconvenience of a construction project. 

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