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The Annulment Grossed 9 Million in Just 3 Days

A movie that will show you a real roller-coaster marriage life. It will bring so much emotion to everyone watching this movie. 

The characters in the movie includes Lovi Poe, Joem Bascon, Myrtle Sarrosa, JC Tiuseco, Laura Victoria Lehman, Dianne Medina, Erika Padilla, Nikka Valencia, Manuel Chua, Nico Antonio, Johnny Revilla, Anna Abad Santos, Naya Amore, John Leo and Matt Daclan. 

Joem Bascon and Lovi Poe are the main characters whose married life ended up for some reasons. They have an opposite world. They meet, fall in love and get married. 

Gari (Lovi's character ) gave up her marriage and seek freedom. To set her free from Sherwin (Joem's character) she wants to pursue the annulment. 

Due to Sherwin status in life, Gari's parents are not in favor with their relationship. During their married life, Sherwin felt pressured from his wife's encouragement. Just years later, Gari wants her happiness back by getting in an annulment. 

The movie was in cinema last November 13,2019. In just 3 days they have grossed around 9 million. 

The Annulment is now showing in 180 Cinemas Nationwide. 

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