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How To Travel With Your Dog To Canada

My best friend is my dog, so what? Why can't I bring him on my trip, you may ask?

As part of the generation where break ups, online dating, and open relationships are a parcel of our life, finding someone who truly loves you is a task. 

My life changed soon after adopting my pet dog teddy. All the way from the Philippines I conquer my fears to travel him going here in Canada and there's no more reason why you would have to leave home your beloved pets while traveling. But what should you take into consideration?

When your traveling with your pet, it is important to choose an airline that serves the entire route from beginning to end. After finding your airline, you will need to know their pet policies.Will the airline allow your dog or cat to fly in the cabin with you? What are the restrictions? Will your pet need to travel in the cargo hold? Those are some questions you have to find out inorder to have a hassle free and relax travel with your pet.

                   Me and Teddy enjoying the stunning nature in Canada

Under the National Animal Health Program, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) establishes import requirements for all animals and animal products entering Canada-including domestic pets. You are welcome to bring a pet to Canada when you come to visit but various requirements must be met and these vary depending on the type of pet you have.

The following documents are required to clear health and quarantine:

1. Canada does not impose a quarantine on a pet arriving from any country, and there is no waiting period between the time your dog is vaccinated for rabies and the time he is welcome to enter Canada and does not require a microchip or tattoo identification for dogs imported as personal pets. However, dogs under 8 months of age imported under the commercial category (dogs for retail sale, breeding purposes, show or exhibition, scientific research, dogs in ‘special training status’, and dogs destined for adoption and/or animal welfare organization) must be identified by an electronic microchip.

2. Dogs 8 months and older and cats that are at least 3 months old need signed and dated certificates from a veterinarian verifying that they have been vaccinated against rabies within the last three years. Dogs less than 8 months or cats less than three months old do not need a certificate of rabies vaccination to enter Canada. Animals must be in good health when they arrive.

3. A blood titer test is not required to enter Canada from any country.

Pets can enter Canada at international airports in many cities including but not limited to Vancouver, Calgary, Ontario, Quebec and Montreal.

Always be prepared on travel day! Get good equipment and keep your pet safe and secure. Have your pet's passport ready for the airlines. Know your airline's pet policy before you fly.

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