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Symphony of Lights in Gaston Park Mesmerized Kagay-anons

The Symphony of Lights has been performing for three years!
       Photo Credit: Project Lupad
Mayor Oscar Moreno said the decade began in 2011 when the city experienced a major disaster that brought much grief and sorrow to the city's people, and by the end of the decade, the city had risen.

"Now, as we are about to end this decade, I want you to know that we are ending this decade on a high note. Merciful to the Lord, Cagayan de Oro over the last six years is in the top 10 of the most competitive highly urbanized city, "Moreno said.

It added that the awards received by the city have brought growth not only to the city but to the entire region, where the city will continue to benefit as well.

"What that means is that Cagayan de Oro has the growing leadership here across the region to bring Northern Mindanao to greater heights. As Northern Mindanao grows, Cagayan de Oro also benefits from that tremendously," Moreno added.

Many people were amazed  while passing through Gaston park because it is spacious and more beautiful. The lights in the tree makes it more attractive. 

It is open every night until next year on January 1, 2020 and returns once a week to Chinese New Year.

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