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Footage shows two Filipino eating a whole bat despite coronavirus link went viral

Footage show two Filipinos eating a whole bat has gone viral, despite authorities warning that bat soup might be the source of the deadly Wuhan coronavirus.
On the video purports to show two Filipinos preparing to eat soup cooked with a bat while showing the disturbing dish. The two seemed to challenge their self by eating the controversial dish that caused the world panic.

First they try the soup, where they described it like any ordinary dish with a little bit smell until they shared the whole bat meat.

Recently, findings revealed that the virus could have come from the wild animals being sold in Wuhan market. Researchers discovered that the protein codes found in the virus are just like the one s found in snakes. Snakes are known to hunt bats in the wild, which could have infected the former.

Bats are used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat a series of illness, including coughing, malaria and gonorrhea.

The coronavirus can be transmitted from animals to human, and human-to-human. Currently, there are 56 confirmed death toll and over a thousand was infected by the virus as it continue to spread around the world. 

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