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Taal volcano evacuees poses with their hilarious gear to thank donors

While we understand the mental and physical stressed the people encountered in the evacuation centers following to Taal volcano eruption, this people managed to show the positive vibes to others. 

In Batangas, more than 35,000 persons fled their homes and evacuated in centers from 27 cities and towns in the province following the eruption. 

We have seen people in different walk of life are in solidarity giving relief to the people in the centers. Others are donating free meal, toiletries, food, canned goods, used clothing and other services that can give relief to the exhausted evacuees. 

Despite of chaotic situation in the centers, evacuees managed to thanked donors showing this hilarious pictures as they wore used clothing they got from relief. 

At the centers this ladies are donned with fast food crew uniforms.

   This three lads poses with their security guard uniforms.

Last Sunday, the Taal Volcano, located on the island of Luzon, some 70 kilometres south of the capital city of Manila, began to violently spew magma, which has led to the evacuation of more than 38,000 people to 198 evacuation centres so far.

The Batangas province is one of the affected area as ashfall from the volcano rose as much as nine miles and speard in the nearby provinces.

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