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Man dies of 'hantavirus' in China while several others tested

While the world is engage in closed fight to break the chain of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the latest news of a man dying of another virus in China is adding to the worry.  

      Source: Global Times / Twitter

The unidentified person from Yunnan Province in China died while on his way back to Shandong Province for work on a chartered bus on Monday, while 32 several others were tested, the Global Times announced in a tweet.

“He was tested positive for #hantavirus. Other 32 people on bus were tested,” the outlet stated, offering no further details.

However, experts were quick to point out that it is not a new virus - and has only rare transmission between humans.

“The #Hantavirus first emerged in 1950s in the American-Korean war in Korea (Hantan river). It spreads from rat/mice if humans ingest their body fluids. Human-human transmission is rare,” Swedish scientist Dr. Sumaiya Shaikh tweeted.

“There were even vaccines developed for it. Please do not panic, unless you plan to eat rats,” she further explained.

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