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Man Who Did Toilet Licking Challenge Tests Positive Of Covid-19

A social media influencer landed in a hospital as he was tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19). This man recently went viral doing a TikTok challenge by licking himself a toilet bowl.

In his YouTube video, it can be seen the California-based influencer Larz 'GayShawnMendez," 21, participating a TikTok Challenge called "Coronavirus Challenge" where he slowly lick a public toilet.

Days after Larz posted a photo of him in a hospital bed - a far cry from his video he posted five days ago.

Larz have also took part of other challenges, including opening an ice cream lid at a grocery, licking the food and then returning it back to the store's freezer.

Meanwhile, 22-year-old Ava Louise is the pioneer of the "Coronavirus Challenge" -  who first filmed herself licking the toilet seat of a plane.

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