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Man tries 8 times in 20 years, government employee finally passes 2019 Bar exams

Finally, Jaime Guerrero, a government employee in Bicol now a lawyer. After he failed the Bar examinations several times in the past 20+ years, he never gave up - now reaped the fruit of his labor as he passed the 2019 Bar Exams on his 8th attempt!

      Photo credit: Inquirer

He took the licensing exam for the 8th-time in November last year, 58-year-old Guerrero is among the 2,103 examinees who successfully passed among the 7,685 who took the exams.

His heart pounded as he failed several times since 1996, but never in a million thoughts of giving up to pursue his goal to being a lawyer someday.

After failing on the third time, he took a refresher course and another refresher on the second time. Guerrero appears to have given up after he failed in 2004, but his heart shout to continue and he tried again in 2017. Though he failed, he tried to condition himself to give it a try once again with a little more harder. And he did it!

“My grades pushed me to try and try. When I got a rating of 74.85 in a previous exam, I worked harder,” he explained. He was even ignored by a law dean for an online coaching program because of repeated failure. But he continue to keep on going.

“It’s never too late for me. If you don’t even try, you will never succeed,” he told the dean and he's back for the coaching program.

Guerrero's experience highlights the difficulties law-school graduates face when they struggle to pass the bar exam, a requirement to become a practicing attorney in the Philippines.

Source: Inquirer

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