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Silicone breast implant of a woman saves her life from gunshot

Lucky woman survived after her silicone breast implant protect her by deflecting a bullet in a closed-range gunshot through her chest. 

Despite of the sustained gunshot wound from the unknown gunman, the 30-year-old woman in Ontario, Canada was able to manage herself to drive to the hospital. 

The doctors was surprised when they found out that the woman's silicone breast implant possibly saved her life as responsible for deflecting the bullet's direction.

"The patient reported walking down [the] street and feeling heat and pain in her left chest, looking down and seeing blood," a research team led by plastic surgeon Giancarlo McEvenue explains in journals.

The exact details of the crime remain unclear as the shooter is at large and unidentified. But what is certain, is that a woman was in a stable condition, with no additional injuries except for the entry wound in her upper left breast.

After an X-ray and CT scans, surgeons confirmed that the bullet was still inside the patient's body and showing a fractured rib. The doctors removed both damaged implants, and extracted the projectile which was given to police, it was a 0.40 calibre bullet.

After the successful operation, the woman's medical team used CT imaging to search for more clinical evidence on how the bullet passed through her body and her breast implants.

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