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Uniqlo's quick drying face masks creates massive long queues, crash website from shoppers

Uniqlo's fast drying face masks are taking the hype on line and several photos have emerged Japanese shoppers queued under the rain waiting for stores to open.

Due to the massive demand, the clothing chain Uniqlo stores reported their website was down as it began selling face masks on Friday with breathable fabric used is the brand's popular underwear. 

The online store displayed an apology for its washable Airism masks saying the website was inundated, as customers were having trouble accessing the online shopping site.

“There is currently a problem with the connection to our online store due to a large number of accesses from customers,” the statement read on its website. “We apologize for any inconvenience. Please wait a while and try to access the website later.”

Airism is Uniqlo's popular lines, allowing users to stay cool in heat and during exercise. The masks are available in three sizes and it was sold in three-pieces packs for 990 yen ($9.26) plus tax.

The company announced that they are stepping up production due to high demand.

"We are continuously beefing up production and will sell them as soon as they arrive," said Uniqlo on its website.

Face masks are not mandatory in Japan, but people are usually wearing it in public. The company plans to eventually share the masks outside the country.

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