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Fish with human teeth and lips catch by fisherfolk went viral

This strange fish with human like lips and teeth quickly earned online attention by storm. Social media was fascinated over the weird close-up photos of a fish reportedly caught in Malaysia, which appears to have better teeth than anyone else.

This lippy fish is known to be a triggerfish which is usually more to have pointy teeth, but this one seems like it just came from the doctor with stunning human-like even square teeth.

The bizarre images was quick to share on social media with over 8K retweets and over 14K likes.

One comment joked: "This fish got better dentist than me. I need a new dentist."

Other replied: "My man had braces too his teeth straighter than most lol"

So far, there around 40 triggerfish species and are often brightly coloured, living in tropical and subtropical waters.

"Triggerfish tend to be solitary but meet at traditional mating grounds according to timetables governed by moons and tides. The males of many species appear to establish territories on these spawning grounds and prepare seafloor nests that will house tens of thousands of eggs," according to National Geographic. 

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