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Japan successfully tests manned single seat flying car

 A step closer to the era of flying cars most likely possible for the next coming years.

Japanese firm Sky Drive announced it successfully tested its flying car with a passenger on board.

The single seater flying car named SD-03 is similarly look like a slick motorcycle with eight motors and two propellers on each corner that could lift about 10 ft into the air.

Tomohiro Fukuzawa, head of SkyDrive effort hopes the machine could be commercially available by 2023 - currently the manned flying car could only stay up into the air from 5-to-10 minutes. 

This vertical takeoff and landing vehicles would offer a quick point-to-point personal travel.

Hundreds of companies are developing similar technology including the Filipino made flying car by KYXZ Mendiola, who was first introduced his sporty looked flying car last October 2017.

The group is currently developing several versions of its flying vehicle, one that could lift off up to 50 ft and 400 ft high for its 2 seater model.

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