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JV Ejercito reacts at a suggestion for his new pet name, "Plunder"

 Former Senator JV Ejercito Estrada took to his Twitter account to ask his followers suggestion, a name for his new found friend.

" Meet the newest member of our family!  

"Can you help me give her a name?  Our 2 other Corgis’ names are Waffles and Pancakes," the tweet read.

Suggestions continue to flood on his Twitter thread when one of the suggestion earned online attention. Twitter user Mac Zamora suggested the name "Plunder". 

"Trying to be funny? That doesn't apply to me," JV Ejercito replied.


Mac Zamora was quick to reply saying, "Plunder is a good name. I can't force you to use it. It's just a suggestion. If you dont like it then dont use it. How about Dynasty?"

Ejercito in response: "Poor you. Get a life!"

"Haters don't really hate you. In fact, they hate themselves because you're a reflection of what they wish to be.   

"I understand your feeling now.  Probably you have not accomplished anything significant that’s why the behavior," he said.


"Oh so i am envious? I was just suggesting a name because you asked. Really nothing to be envious about. I may not have the power and the money that you guys have but i have peace of mind. And my parents are happily married. Oh sorry, just stating it as a fact," Zamora replied.

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