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Paramore Hayley Williams lauded SB19 Sejun's cover of "Turn It Off"

Hayley Williams gives all the respect and praise for SB19's leader, Sejun, who recently posted on Twitter his rendition of Paramore's 2009 song "Turn It Off".

"Alive in spite of me. thank you for your music," Sejun captioned his post.

The Filipino k-pop band leader, whose real name is John Paulo Nase has took Williams attention as she retweeted it a few days later, along with a caption.

"This is a stunning cover. Thanks for sharing this with all of us," she said.

"Your voice is beautiful and i loved hearing someone sing these words back to me today. mighta needed it more than i care to admit," the American singer added.

Sejun replied by saying, "Thank you so much. Your music is healing, and it echoes." 

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