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South Korea: Atleast 30 people dead, thousands displaced after 42 days of rain that caused floods and landslide

 South Korea experienced more than a month of devastating torrential rain that caused landslide and floods, leaving at least 30 people dead and thousands of others are displaced.

Thousands of people was forced to evacuate to safer placed on Saturday after 42 days of consecutive rains - the longest monsoon in seven years ever recorded, according to Ministry of the Interior and Safety. 

Authorities have issued landslide and flood warnings due to heavy downpours that is expected to cause further damage.

Several areas in capital city, Seoul, and other southern regions are submerged with high floods.

About 100m of levee collapsed at the Seojin River on Saturday that caused flood, reports said. Over 1500 people were evacuated in the province especially people living around the water ways. 

Several homes were buried in a landslide on Friday from the mountainous areas in Gokseong, South Jeolla province - killing five people. President Moon Jae urged "all-out efforts to prevent further loss of life."

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