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The world's first transparent car ever built in America

This might be a forgotten wonder, known as a Ghost Car it was first unveiled to the world in 1939 with completely transparent body made in American soil.

This Pontiac ghost car was built by General Motors in partnership with Rohm and Hass, the company that invented Plexiglas.

Through this materials has essentially replaced the metal sheet of usual car's body - offering a clear view of the inner parts of the car. The Ghost Car was sold at auctioneer's hammer on July 30, 2011, in Michigan with an estimated worth of $475,000.

"A transparent motorcar, the first ever constructed in the united states, is the most striking of the fisher body division exhibits at the GM highways and horizons building at the new york world’s fair," stated the original 1939 press release. 

"Created to show the rigid interior bracing and other features complete with windows that can be raised and lowered, doors that can be opened and closed. the only material lacking being the insulation normally applied to the inner surface working with a new material, a synthetic crystal-clear plastic."

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