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People are reacting to this insane RC COLA advert 2020!

 While the world continues to deal with the crazy year that is 2020, RC Cola released a commercial ad for holiday and social media folks starts to debate about the story behind the crazy weird advert.

With all this chaos in the world, let me asked you to stop whatever you're doing and take a quick snap to this RC Cola advert.

The commercial starts off in a dramatic entrance of a boy coming from school. In a dramatic tone, he asked his mom if he's adopted.

"Kasi Ma, lagi na lang po akong inaasar sa school e, ampon daw ako Ma. e," the boy explained to her mom.

But her mother calmly replied: "Anak, di ba sinabi ko sa'yo 'wag kang magpapaapekto sa sinasabi ng iba."

He asks again and here's where the crazy story starts. The boy stood up, unbutton his uniform and lay prone on the table as he was trying to know for the answer from his mom, showing four glass on her back.

It doesn't stop there as his mom tried to reveal their family secret. Mom pulled off her head and the RC Cola bottle is ready to flow.

And the netizens were asking why? what? ...and maybe how? 

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