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Transgender woman films her homophobic neighbor harassing her went viral

 A homophobic neighbor was captured on film racially harassing a transgender woman in Mayamot, Antipolo City.

In a Facebook video posted by Alexis Hart Garcia, her neighbor 'Aleng Susan,' has physically and verbally assaulted her. Alexis and her partner were on their way to the mall on Thursday, November 5 when they crossed paths with her homophobic neighbor.

'Aleng Susan' could be heard in the video berated Garcia with racist insults with homophobic slurs like gay 'bakla' and threatened that she would kill her with a gun. Susan also throw a large-sized rock directly at Garcia and scratched her with a box which resulted of her bruises.

Photo source: Alexis Hart Garcia / FB

For some reason, Susan became more incensed while Garcia started to confront her with a camera, recording every details of an awful scene.

Garcia filed a formal complaint to their Barangay against Aleng Susan. Alexis Hart Garcia is one of the founders of Transpinay of Antipolo Organization (TAO)

See Garcia’s Facebook post here:

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