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Woman who have done nose job shocked after finding part of her ear went missing

 A 31-year-old Chinese woman, identified by her surname Zhao had undergone rhinoplasty surgery at the Angel Wing Hospital, in the city of Chengdu, in the southwest Chinese province of Sichuan allegedly claimed that a chunk of her ear cartilage had gone missing without her consent.

According to Zhao, the nose surgery was her second procedure in the last five years and it was seemingly successful. She felt good and wasn't notice anything unusual until four days later when she saw herself on the mirror something different about her right ear. 

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The small pointy cartilage called tragus on the side of the inner ear, had obviously been surgically removed with no one had informed her about it. 

She told local media that the use of her tragus in the operation was not discussed beforehand, expecting that it was a normal procedure. After contacting the hospital's customer service, Zhao was told that removal of the ear cartilage from the back of the auricle can cause ear atrophy, so doctors will take cartilage from the tragus instead.

However, she consulted other doctors experienced of rhinoplasty, they confirmed that cartilage from behind the ear is the most commonly used for the procedure and it does not affect the appearance nor the ear functions.

Zhao, demanded a full refund, financial compensation as well as a new operation to fix her ear, revealing that she was embarrassed about the look of her ear and she having problem on using ear buds because it keeps from falling out.

The conflicting claimed of Zhao has resulted to heated arguments which proper authorities had to intervene in. The vice president of the hospital's administration, Yuan, told local media that Zhao was fully informed after she signed an agreement before the surgery which stated that "cartilage for rhinoplasty" would be used, this mean that it included the whole ear.

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