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Argentina legalises abortion up to 14th week of pregnancy

 Argentina's Senators voted in favour of the bill to legalise abortion up to the 14th week of pregnancy, with 38 votes in favour, 29 against, and one abstention. 

Currently, abortions were only permitted in case of rape or when the mother's health was at risk.

The new bill last 12 hours of heated debate while green wave protests was held outside Congress. Large crowds of both pro and against around Buenos Aires have gathered for days until the result was announced 4am on Wednesday.  

Pro abortion women screamed with delight as green smoke filled the air - signals a message of putting controversial bill into law.  After years of organizing collectively, Argentina has legalized abortion! In Latin America only Uruguay, Cuba & Guyana have legalized elective abortion.

Activists celebrate the passage of the abortion legalization bill.

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