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Doctor unveils shocking post-COVID lungs look worse than extreme smokers

 A female Texas trauma doctor recently unveiled a shocking more damaged lung of a COVID-19 survivor than any other extreme smoker's lung.

"I don’t know who needs to hear this, but 'post-Covid' lungs look worse than ANY type of terrible smoker’s lungs we’ve ever seen," Dr. Brittany Bankhead-Kendall said on her tweet, Jan. 4. 

According to Dr. Brittany, an assistant professor at Texas Tech University Health Scientists Center, post-COVID lung tend to "collapse, and they clot off, and the shortness of breath lingers on... & on... & on." 

She has treated thousands of patients since the pandemic broke out in March. Added that people are often worried about the COVID deaths but not aware of the virus after effects.

“Everyone’s just so worried about the mortality thing and that’s terrible and it’s awful. But man, and all the survivors and the people who have tested positive this is, it’s going to be a problem,” she said. 

In an interview, she told CBS 11 News that those who have showing COVID-19 symptoms has a severe chest X-ray, while those who were asymptomatic show a 70 to 80% severe chest X-ray of the time.

A healthy lungs are clean with lots of black which represent air. In smoker's lung shows white lines, an indication of scarring and congestion. While the COVID lung was fully covered with white.

"You’ll either see a lot of that white dense scarring or you’ll see it throughout the entire lung. And if you’re not feeling problems now the fact that that’s on your chest X-ray It sure is indicative of you possibly having problems later on," she said.

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