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Flaming Lips stages unique COVID concert inside a space bubble

 This band has found a way in creating a safe crowded concert venue by holding their audiences inside a transparent inflatable bubble in Oklahoma.

Flaming Lips performed in front of 100 bubbles which could hold up to three people. Both the audience and the band member were sealed in individual inflatable bubble.

“We collect everybody and then we take them row by row to their bubbles,” Coyne, a long-time bubble enthusiast, told Rolling Stone last month of the strategy. “Once you’re in the bubble you can do whatever the f–k you want, and that’s the beauty of it. That’s what we spent most of the time figuring out. The music part of it, we got that s–t down.”

Each bubble, audience would also find an in-bubble high frequency supplemental speaker, to help with sound muffling, a bottle of water, a battery-operated fan and a towel to wipe down condensation.

There was also an emergency ‘too hot in here’ sign inside each capsule. If pressed, a leaf blower would refill it with cool air.

To discourage concertgoers from rolling around in their bubbles, a grid was taped to the floor, with room for one bubble per square.

“It’s a very restricted, weird event. But the weirdness is so we can enjoy a concert before putting our families and everybody at risk,” Coyne told Rolling Stone.

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