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Mooon Cafe in Dumaguete is best spot to chill out by the seaside

 We can't deny the fact that quarantine fatigue is real and daydream of your post-pandemic escape is the only way at the moment. 

But if you ever push through your travel bucket list and if you are missing chilling in Dumagute with the view of the sea, you don't get to crib about it anymore. We found this Mexican-inspired restaurant that have an alfresco dining area. 

 Mooon Cafe is a cozy spot tucked into the Metro with its sprawling balcony overlooking the stunning view of the sea.

Photo: Denniz Futalan

Photo: Denniz Futalan

Photo: Denniz Futalan

You'll get a breath-taking sunset and you'll see the iconic boulevard of the city. For those making a road trip, it is located in Siliman Avenue, Dumaguete.

There is nothing better than sipping on your drink, eating delicious food and watching the splashing water at the sea wall. I suggest you come here around the time of sunset, the view is spectacular! Not just the view outside, but they have done a pretty good job with their interiors. 

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