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PH Bren Esports take home over P6 million after M2 World Championship victory

 Philippine team Bren Esports defeated Burmese Ghouls Sunday night at Shangri-La in Singapore after 4-3 victory in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) M2 Grand Finals 2021. The Filipino team will took home with $140,000 (estimated around P6.7 million) along with its very own skin on a hero of its choice.

Credits: Moonton

“Kahit naririnig namin silang sinisigawan namin, hindi kami nagpatinag. Ginawa namin ‘yung motivation, para kami naman ang makagawa sa kanila nun, para mabalik namin sa kanila,” Pheww, BREN Esports captain said.

Bren Esports take a good start on Game 1 as it snatched the first win. Burmese Ghouls tried to stopped but failed to get back. Game 2 still wasn't for Burmese Ghouls, five minutes into the match, the Filipinos managed to secure six kills from the enemy until they placed the last nail of the coffin and secured the second win.

Burmese Ghouls couldn't help but stopped the Bren on Game 3. Burmese has secured the Turtle on the early start and even secured their first Lord and strike back, taking down the four without casualties. Ribo as the sole survivor heading back to base with the team to defend the base, but without turrets, Burmese managed knockdown Bren up to the Game 4 and 5.

The Filipinos took back on Game 6 with the ultimate goal to smashing the Burmese's base. Bren work hard and secured the Lord, puch back the Burmese up to the inner turret until they managed to takedown Burmese. On the final Game 7, KarlTzy dominated the game as Burmese tried to bait Bren but failed to execute their plans. The Filipino team's won, leaving the final matched to 4-3.

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