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Report says Covid-19 found in 'ice cream'

 Coronavirus Covid-19 is reportedly found in ice cream made from Tianjin municipality in northern China. Traces confirmed during a routine government food inspection in three samples of ice cream flavours, Sky News reported, January 15.

Around 4,836 boxes of ice cream believe to have contaminated and more than half of which had already been distributed for sale.

At this time, only 2,089 boxes of ice cream were confiscated, the report said. Meanwhile, 1,662 employees have been placed in quarantine and have undergone testing following a strict health protocols being implemented. 

Out of 2,747 boxes entered the market, 935 of which were in Tianjin, while 65 boxes were sold to market, the report added. Authorities have notified other places for the possible batch of ice cream would be dispatched.

According to a British virologist Dr. Stephen Griffin, the incident should not be cause for panic.

"It’s likely this has come from a person, and without knowing the details, I think this is probably a one-off," he said.

"Of course, any level of contamination is not acceptable and always a cause for concern, but the chances are that this is the result of an issue with the production plant and potentially down to hygiene at the factory,” he added.

He explained the virus could have survived in the product due to the ice cream’s cold temperature and fat.

He also urged the public not to panic over the mishap.

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