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Staycation spots you can book in Don Salvador Benedicto to enjoy the cold weather

 Not too far from the city of smile Bacolod, Don Salvador Benedicto offers the abundance of serene getaways for a quick escape from busy city life.

From stunning views, gastronomic food trips, and family-friendly activities, there's an irresistible charm to Don Salvador that puts it on top of the list of weekend destinations. With some new tourist spots that are sprouting in this little Baguio of Negros, here are some of the places to stay and experience this weekend favorite in a whole new way.

Vacation Villa KM55

This cool and cozy vacation villa is just an hour away drive from Bacolod City at Kilometer 55, Barangay Bunga, Don Salvador Benedicto. The Villa is lined by glass walls so you can enjoy outdoor mountain view. The villas exclusive pool is not to miss; it's surrounded by trees and it overlooks the relaxing scenery. 

Balai Ramirez

If ever your searching for the calmness of your soul and embrace a New Zealand feel environment, this hidden paradise is perfect for you. Absolutely the cold breeze and the breathtaking view of Mt. Kanlaon is one of the place will offer.

Its pool has natural water coming from the mountain, definitely clean, cold and fresh. You may set up bonfire to warm you up especially under the starry night while having bond with the gang.

Stonepeak Cafe

Another best Instagrammable road-tripping spot in Don Salvador Benedicto. In Stonepeak Cafe the crisp scent of pine trees perfuming the air and the view of rolling hills with sweeping view offer a welcome repose for nerves frayed and tattered by the stress of work and urban life.

Stonepeak Cafe offers a quiet alpine escape, be taken away by a beautiful stillness you almost never experience in the metro.

 Jomax Peak

Don't forget to take a drive on this cool spot in Don Salvador Benedicto if you ever need a nature escape! This place is best to run to when you've had enough of the city - is heaven as it's packed with panoramic mountain views.

Jomax Peak is a cozy place tucked into the hilly slopes and it has a sprawling veranda overlooking the mountains. It is around an hour's drive away from the nearby Bacolod City, but the serenity and exclusiveness to nature are worth it.

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