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Pregnant dog poses like a pro for her maternity shoot

 Not only humans celebrate their journey to motherhood, this pup too! This expectant mother named 'Khloe' the dog just done her mesmerizing maternity photo shoot with the helped of her beloved fur mom.

Caitlin Snyman, a US based animal photographer decided to give her fur baby a treat, and the result are stunning!

"She loves to pose and does lots of tricks when I use her to model. So, I thought planning a maternity photoshoot would be a fun way to officially announce her litter to our friends and family. I got the concept from my own ideas," Caitlin Snyman told Philippine star.

The adorable dog seems proudly displays her baby bump in all its glory with a white and pink ribbon wrapped around her neck.

Snyman said she planned the photoshoot near her dog's due date so that they could get the most dramatic belly shot. Her dog is about her due in few days and she plans to sell them, but she want to ensure that they will all go to good owner.

" I have recently had my dog's pregnancy photo go viral and I have hundreds of people now inquiring about puppies. It's become really hard to keep up with all the messages," she said.

"I planned on doing a waiting list and have people fill out their basic contact information, but I fear there are just too many people for that. We have a puppy contract to ensure they will contact us if there are any problems keeping them; we will take them back if the owner for some reason can't keep their puppy," she added.

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