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Three celebrity couples who are still going strong

 These three kapamilya power couples will make you believe in love again, despite many have said that true love in the showbiz world is very rare.

Couples come and go so fast it's impossible to keep them track of who's dating nowadays, but these three lovebirds are obviously creating a successful relationship without magic formula.

Some of the most long-standing Filipino couples, like #KathNiel, #LizQuen, and #KimXi will make you believe that true love exists.

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla "KathNiel"

Last February 14, Kathryn Bernardo has uploaded a one-on-one Valentine's Day video with boyfriend Daniel Padilla and they are sharing to their fans their journey to successful relationship and counting.

KathNiel is one of the most celebrities who has the long-standing relationship in showbiz today. But, you might ask how they keep their relationship strong? Here are some of Daniel's honest answer to Kathryn's cutest questions:

Kathryn: "Do you sometimes regret meeting me at a very young age?"

Daniel: "Hindi ah, kasi wala namang hinahanap na oras ang pagmamahal, pag para sayo, para sayo."

Kathryn: "What are the things that I do that make you feel disappointed in me?"

  Daniel: " Nadidisappoint lang ako pag may sasabihin lang ako sayo at hindi mo sinusunod."

Kathryn: "If there's one thing you could change about me, what would it be?"

   Daniel: "Wala! Hidi pwede yon, wala akong ipagpapalitan sayo. Kung may ipapalit ako sa ugali mo, but di na lang ako maghahanap ng iba?" 


Kim Chiu and Xian Lim "KimXi"

Recently, Kim Chiu was stunned by Xian Lim's Valentine's day surprise. On Instagram, Kim gushed about how Xian always managed to gave her sweet gestures every girls want their boyfriend to do. 

"Happy Valentines day indeed!!! I woke up to a beautiful surprise today!!!! This guy has a lot of surprises in his pocket,” she said.

"Sabi niya out of town tayo, then suddenly he sent a hangar address kala ko saang out of town, FLY out of town pala. Di ready outfits ko!!! Pero I melt," she added.

Kim confirmed she and Xian were in a relationship in 2018 on the talk show "Tonight with Boy Abunda." Their loveteam was formed in 2011 through the romantic-comedy drama My Binondo Girl.

Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil "LizQuen"

Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil have been together for six years already and have managed to keep their relationship more stronger ever. They have been one of the Philippines' favorite couples after making several television series and movies since 2013.

When asked what makes their partnership strong, Soberano said it is certainly the mutual respect that they have for each other.

“I guess we just have so much respect for each other,” she said. “He likes being with me. He likes being with his family. I am the same way. I don’t like being alone and I really enjoy his company.” 

When they have arguments, Soberano said Gil is also the kind of guy who “won’t let me go away or go to bed without fixing it.” 

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