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Cebu cyclist proves that nothing is impossible even when he has one leg

 Sometimes many of us was quick to give up when things gets tough but for this one leg cyclist in Lapu-Lapu city in Cebu, Philippines, giving up is not an option.

Source: Cebu Bisikleta Shots / Facebook

Artemio Enario, 34, a barangay volunteer worker in Barangay Basak, Lapu-Lapu City does not let his disability from stopping him to live and help the people on their village. 

He describes his childhood as being completely normal until a devastating incident that caused him to suffer from tetanus infection four years ago. To avoid the spread of the infection doctors told him to better removed one of his limb. He thought he could never ride again on a bike.

Source: Cebu Bisikleta Shots / Facebook

"I was still 16 years old when I already learned to ride the bicycle. I continued biking even if I was already a PWD because I really liked to bike. I enjoyed seeing new places and that also includes as an exercise for me," he told CebudailyNews.

With the help of his single aluminum crutch which is always fitted under his arm, Enario was able to manage his ride and inspire many cyclists in town.

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