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Kris Bernal accidentally shares inside-out fashion trend on Easter Sunday and we love her for it!

 Wearing an inside-out may never looked so right to some, but you might reconsider after you check out Kris Bernal's Easter Sunday outfit.

The 31-year old Bernal on Sunday took to Instagram to greet her fans a happy Easter and penned some inspiring messages. But later she realized that she was wearing her tube top inside-out, after many natizens have noticed it showing the inside stitches.

Instead of deleting her original post, she navigate and added a caption: "I also thought that I'm just a person, I make mistakes and I am not perfect." She was also sending a reply to some of the comment saying her "kind of style".

But the best of all was the message of Bernal have composed during Easter, and here's the full caption of her post.

"I always cling to this saying, “Let God take the Driver’s seat”. When I can no longer take whats happening around me, I let God take over, ask for the higher power Jesus to take the wheel for me. And, He never fails to amaze me. His plans are always greater and more beautiful than mine.

"Despite this pandemic, God was evident in showing His love to me through taking over my life and I praise God for everything that He did for me and for us. I'll praise Him even on times like these, uncertain, unbearable. Whether it is Easter Sunday or not, let's always remind ourselves of what He has done on the cross and His love for us.  Happy Easter everyone! Let God take the wheel for you!"

What do you think ladies?

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