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James Yap defends son from bashers, 'he is not a gay'

 James Yap finally opened up about his son's gender orientation and he believed Bimby is a straight boy. In an article posted in the entertainment section of the Inquirer, James revealed and made sure in one of the conversation with his Ilongga friend that Bimby is not a gay. 

In one of the exchange, James was asked if how he feels that some netizens are claiming that Bimby is a gay. Of course, with James permission, he said in Hilagaynon,"Miga, tahimik lang ako gani parte sa issue na agi kuno si Bimby kay kabalo ko indi man guid siya agi. Dili ako gapati sa kucho-kucho." (I've been quiet about the issue that Bimby is a gay. Because I know for sure that he is not a gay. i don't believe in gossip.)

"I was with Bimby till he turned 7, that's why I know he's a real boy," he added.

"Because even when a kid is still young, it’s already obvious if he’s gay. Naintindihan ko si Kris. S’yempre, sa iya nagdako si Bimby kaya nagreact guid siya sa isyu." (I understand Kris, Bimby grew up with her, so of course she reacted to the issue.)

It can be recalled that the Queen of all media Kris Aquino has been always there to defend her sons from the bashers.

Meanwhile, Bimby made it clear in one of the vlog with his mom Kris that he is "straight as an arrow."

"I don’t feel anything. It’s like, O sige, if you think I’m gay, all right, dude. But you do realize na the gay community in the Philippines is a strong community. did not go through my mind. Because I know what I am. I’m straight, I’m straight as an arrow."

As a mother, to her response,  Kris assured Bimby that he will get all the love and support "whatever he choose to be."

“I really don’t care. Honestly. Whatever you choose to be, it’ll be fine with me, for as long as you excel.”

Bimby then received messages of support following his comments, with some urged social media folks to stop placing minors under "pressure".

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