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Woman in Davao makes realistic cockroach cake that breaks the internet

These creepy cockroaches allover the cake are all edible, and Christine Gil Gestosani from Davao made sure that  if you take a bite once you'll not going to stop biting them back again. 

Christine Gil Gestosani took to Facebook and shared her created fret but delicious cake. Her post quickly went viral that look so real at first glance, but those life-sized cockroaches are made out of fondant.

On her captions, she pointed out that those creepy creatures are edible including those tiny eggs, and not just realistic toys placed on a cake.

Photo credits: Christine Gil Gestosani / Facebook

"Fyi all ipis are edible pati tiny eggs," she said on her Facebook post."


Photo credits: Christine Gil Gestosani / Facebook

Photo credits: Christine Gil Gestosani / Facebook

Gestosani is very talented that she made it patiently by giving all the details. It's crazy how this creepy cake piqued the interest of the many. Nevertheless, the fact that having one of this for your love ones  will surely give an amazing treat.

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