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Alice Dixson shares a glimpse of her baby as they travel back in the Philippines

 On April 2, Alice Dixson surprised fans when she announced the addition of baby A to their family.

The 'Legal Wives' star wish to having a child came true at age 51, whom she described the new blessing as her "little miracle." 

“For those of you who really know me - you've known that I've been praying for this every year on my birthday for 10 years now. Each year - my wish the same when I blew out my candles.

“So with great patience, belief and trust - I am happy to announce my wish has finally come true. Our newest little family member has arrived,” she wrote.

The internet quickly went abuzz with full of excitement to see her child. Last April 15 she fly to the U.S. to fetch the baby and have landed safely in the Philippines, May 1.

While we admire her bravery despite the difficulty to travel during pandemic, one thing we made sure that Alice is so excited to rock motherhood with baby A.

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