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Filipino nurse stabs to death by 16-year-old boy in Vegas

 A 16-year-old boy identified as Ethan Goin was arrested for fatally stabbed a Filipino professor in his home after leaving first period at school, and then returned back to class, according to an arrest document of Clark County Family and Youth Services.

Goin said that he skipped school after his first period class because he felt that he was being bullied that time. He recalled jumping into the backyard of the victim's home but he couldn't remember what happened next as everything had been a "blur."

Guintu's wife and mother-in-law were also at home at the time when Goin alledgely broke in to the Summerlin residence located in the 10000 block of Kenton Place.

Guinto, who had just returned home from dropping his 9-year-old son off at school, reportedly in the kitchen when he check out the noise elsewhere inside their home. His wife was upstairs at the time.

Guintu's mother-in-law heard another noise and saw an intruder dressed in black with mask and hood covering the face. She saw a bloodied Guintu lying on the floor. Guintu's wife came downstairs and immediately called 911 at 9:47 a.m. Guintu, who worked as a nurse in a local hospital and as a professor was pronounced dead at 12:45 p.m., Fox 5 Vegas reported.

Police arrested Goin in the parking area of Summerlin Hospital after witnesses told the police. Goin was booked in Clark County Juvenile Detention Center on one count of open murder. According to court records, he was denied bail.

Guintu's friend Irene Gonzalez Malvar have organized a GoFundMe fundraising for his funeral and his family.

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