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SpaceX send four civilians to space without astronaut onboard

 SpaceX has successfully sent civilians into orbit without the help of professional astronaut onboard on Wednesday.

Onboard with four private citizens, SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket lifted off at 8:02PM ET as planned from the 39A launched pad at NASA's Kennedy Space Center. 

Among the passengers aboard for three days space travel is billionaire entrepreneur Jared Isaacman and three others he picked and paid for to join with him. Hayley Arceneaux, a 29-year-old physician assistant and cancer survivor; Christopher Sembroski, an engineer at Lockheed Martin; and Sian Proctor, a geoscientist.

The crew were seen buckled inside SpaceX's Crew Dragon Resilience capsule with thumbs-up on display as they head to the dark sky.

The space capsule is fitted with a special observation dome in place for the passengers to see the stunning sky. Around nine minutes after liftoff, Falcon 9's first stage booster returned to Earth for a landing on a barge in the Atlantic Ocean.

"The door is open now, and it's pretty incredible," Isaacman man said in a statement for the best journey.

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