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Student's online class rap slamming teachers during virtual learning goes viral

 A video captured during an online class is going viral after a student interrupted the class with his heartbreaking rap that might relatable to others while in the middle of the virtual class. 

The student can be heard requesting his teacher if he can do a rap for the class. The understanding teacher couldn't help but to allow his student for his rap about online class. 

In a video posted by Cristopher Mejia it shows that the class started to get wild as the student started the line. With high spirit and energy level, the student rapped about online class verses with some lines quoted slamming all the teachers for giving students more tasks and headaches.

"Grabe na ang online class grabe na ang mga pahirap sa atin ng guro na ito, ang mga teacher na ito, grabe kung maningil ng mga bayarin tapos grabe pa magpagawa ng mga assignment kahit na hirap kami sa internet ginagawa namin, ang mga kupal na guro, ang hirap, ang hirap tong gawin," he said.

"Alam niyo ba kayong mga guro kayo ang sakit nito isipin kaya tigilan niyo na ang ganyan wala na akong natutunan, kung ano man ituro niyo do ko na gagawin, pasensya ka na sir kung nadamay ka mabait kapa naman pasensya na sir uwu," he added.

Before the video end, the student apologized about his disturbing rap against teachers. However, it seems that the teacher have neglected the entire lines of the song, instead he acknowledged  the student's talent.

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