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Derek Ramsay claps back to claim that Ellen Adarna did not let son bear John Lloyd's surname on their wedding invitation

 "The ultimate bearer of fake news. We will definitely take legal action on this!" Derek Ramsay said.

Derek quickly respond and criticized a tabloid for its claim that his fiancé Ellen Adarna did not let her son bear John Lloyd's surname on their wedding invitations.

He showed a set of screenshots, appeared to be with a malicious caption that read: "Buking sa wedding invitation...ELLEN,  'DI IPINAGAMIT SA ANAK ANG APELYEDO NI JOHN LLOYD. Huwaaaat?"

 It followed by a manipulated photo where the wedding invitation was cropped showing only Adarna as the surname of Elias, instead of his father's surname Cruz. Elias is the wedding bearer of the wedding entourage.

In one of the screenshot in the comment section, Ramsay, sought for legal action, where his legal counsel Atty. Joji Villanueva Alonso shared the complete print of the invitation: Ring Bearer - Elias Modesto Adarna Cruz.

One of the comment said: "Just because someone posts a photo showing part of the wedding invitation doesn't mean that Elias' family name is not Cruz. Please be more circumspect in making a conclusion."

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