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Milk-tea Fans: Tiger Sugar brings the brown sugar boba craze in Bacolod

 Brown sugar milk drinks has been enjoying so much hype in 2019, and this year Tiger Sugar is bringing the craze in Bacolod. The trend doesn't seem to be dying any time soon as more people are lining up to get their first sip of the famous Taiwanese Brown Sugar Boba Milk drink.


Tiger Sugar opens their first branch at Corner 22nd Lacson St. Bacolod City. Knowing how much Filipinos love all things bubble tea, having it on hand would be the perfect way to satisfy your boba cravings.

Tiger Sugar gets its name from sugar-syrup that look-like a tiger stripes inside their signature drinks. It was originally from Taichung in Taiwan, where milk tea feature brown-sugar syrup and made of fresh cream instead of milk to make their drinks more especial.

Photo credits: Cofi Cof / Facebook

Photo credits: Cofi Cof / Facebook

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