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Tracy Maureen Perez crowned Miss World Philippines 2021

Miss World Philippines 2021 is finally happening and having its grand coronations night after over a year of waiting. It was held at the Subic Bay Exhibition and Convention Center on Sunday, October 3.  

Here are the winners for Miss World Philippines 2021

Miss World Philippines 2021: Tracy Maureen  Perez of Cebu City

Miss Eco Philippines: Kathleen Paton

Reinahispanoamericana Filipinas: Emmanuelle Vera

Miss Tourism Philippines: Trisha Martinez

Miss Environment Philippines: Michelle Arceo

Miss Multinational Philippines: Shaila Rebortera

Miss Eco Teen Philippines: Tatyana Austria

Top 15

Gwen Fourniol

Ganiel Krishnan

Kathleen Paton

Danica Dilla

Shaila Rebortera

Janelle Lewis

Michelle Arceo

Tatyana Austria

Tracy Maureen Perez

Riana Pangindian

Emmanuelle Vera

Ann Palmares

Lea Macapagal

Trisha Martinez

Julie Tarrayo

Here are the winners for the special awards:

Miss Bluewater Day Spa: Tracy Perez

Best Skin by Cathy Valencia: Trisha Martinez

Miss Silka: Janelle Lewis

Miss Pacquiao Coffee: Riana Pangindian

Miss Tyro Sorta Sports: Trisha Martinez

Miss Artopian International: Tracy Perez

Miss Deity Serum: Emmanuelle Vera

Miss Red Hotel: Lea Macapagal

Miss Bench: Tracy Perez

Miss GAOC: Michelle Arceo

Miss Derma Fix: Tracy Perez

Miss We Provide Inc: Shaila Rebortera

Bench Body Beach Beauty: Riana Pangindian

Tyro Sorta Sports Challenge: Dannah Tempra

Miss Photogenic: Kathleen Paton

Miss Multimedia: Ganiel Krishnan

Miss Talent: Michelle Srceo

Top Model: Trisha Martinez

Miss Teviant Charity: Ganiel Krishnan

Ambassador of Goodwill: Samela Godin

Head to Head Challenge: Emmanuelle Vera

Beauty With a Purpose: Joy Barcoma

Tracy Maureen Perez of Cebu will be representing the Philippines in the Miss World 2021 pageant in Puerto Rico in December.

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