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 A heartbreaking scene was captured when 'Nanay Ligaya' broke down in tears as she bid goodbye to her two aspins, Brownie and Blackie.

Many netizens were heartbroken after seeing the now viral video of 'Nanay Ligaya' crying hysterically.

According to the old woman, she saw the the dogs in the park going nowhere so she decided to feed and consider them family. From now on she and he two dogs are her companion anywhere she go, and even her comfort during the night.

"Sa gabi, kayakap ko silang matulog. Pamilya ko na kung ituring ang mga aso ko. Wala na kasi akong ibang kasama... sila lang," said Nanay Ligaya in an interview with Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.

"Wala naman akong magawa, umiyak na lang ako. Naaawa kasi ako sa aking mga aso. Gusto ko silang yakapin. Mahal na mahal ko kasi sila eh."

The 60-year-old 'Nanay Ligaya' told Jessica Soho that her wish she could see and hug her dog someday!

Here are some of the netizens comment:

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