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 A nurse in UK was able to recover after 28 days in a coma with the help of erectile dysfunction drug, Viagra..

Monica Almeida, 37, was fully vaccinated, but unfortunately she spent 28 days in a coma after contracting COVID-19, The Lincolnite reported.

The mother of two was only 72 hours from having her ventilator and was turned off when a "large dose of Viagra" helped her consciousness back. She worked as a respiratory specialist nurse in the NHS in North Lincolnshine when she tested positive of the virus in October 31, where she experienced cough, but at first she believes it was related to her asthma.

Four days later she lost her sense of taste and smell, then started to cough up blood the following day. Her oxygen levels had dropped on the fifth day where she was taken to the hospital, but was discharged with a prescription and no treatment.

She went home, but hours later she woke up coughing and couldn't breathe properly. She was rushed to Lincoln Country Hospital in critical condition with only 15 litres of oxygen level. Doctors tried her oxygen level back to normal as she stayed at a COVID ward, but her conditioned got worst and she was admitted to ICU on November 9.

A week later she was put into induced coma but before she was put to sleep, she signed a document noting that she's willing to take part in an experimental drug study. 

Monica with her husband. Photo Credit: The Lincolnite

"It was definitely the Viagra that saved me. Within 48 hours it opened up my airwaves and my lungs started to respond," she told The Sun.

"If you think how the drug works, it expands your blood vessels. I have asthma and my air sacs needed a little help," he added.

Monica was discharged on Christmas Eve and she's recovering as she was able to spend the holidays with her family.

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