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 Andi Eigenmann showcased her impressive weight loss journey in a non-stop fitness workout Instagram post - from gaining 175 lbs  after her 3rd pregnancy to losing 50 lbs. 

The 31-year-old mom of three looked incredible a year after giving birth to her third child, Koa. Many of her fans was inspired after sharing videos of her routine workout session at home.

"Was looking for some motivation and found it in myself!" She said.

"Looking back on the progress I've made from gaining 175 lbs in my 3rd pregnancy to losing 50 lbs after 10 months," she added.

On why she opted to get physically fit again, she said: "Suddenly being out of place for almost 2 months froze me up quite a bit, but I realise how much of an impact physical exercise has really had on my mental health and overall well- being."

On her video, Andi are unleashing heavy jabs to blitz fat and stress. In fact, training like Manny Pacquiao to get into rip-roaring shape is the new way to hiit it hard.

"I do have my own personal fitness goals, of course, but exercise and staying active really does so much more to us that keep us fit. 

"And also I just wanted to try making a reel," she added.

She gave a shout out to her fitness coach, her husband Philmar Alipayo, for making her fitness journey so much fun.

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