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 Kris Aquino took a swipe over 'fake news' that circulating on social media which suggest that she is in critical condition in the ICU.

The 50-year-old star took to Instagram and shared a photo of their television set revealing, it was 'taken by Bimb last night while we were praying.' Added that Bimby wanted to share the picture to his Ninay as they joined a virtual novena for the soul of her cousin Maria, who passed away Friday, January 21.

Kris revealed that she and Bimby could not physically attend as they "strictly adhering" to the CDC's 14-day recommended quarantine, and their RT PCR results were not expected to come until January 26, while her eldest son Josh was cleared earlier, Jan. 22.

Kris also addressed rumors about her health, "It's been disturbing that since Friday so many have been spreading fake news about me being either in St Luke's BGC or the States but always with the same theme, that I'm in the ICU and in critical condition. None of that is true," she said.

"Ayaw akong tigilan ng #fakenews and parang sobrang excited yung mga trolls na within 1 year both Noy & me would pass away," she added.

"Sorry to disappoint pero buhay at ilalaban pa na mapahaba ang oras ko because kuya josh & bimb still need me." 

She thanked her all real friends who have gone out of their way to reach out, send her food, fruits, flowers, balloons.  "You have my lifelong loyalty & gratitude," she assured.

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