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 Ivana Alawi who have publicly disclosed that they have tested positive for the coronavirus and having symptoms like difficulty in breathing, headache, body pain and sore throat.

In a more than 21-minute-long video posted on her YouTube channel she revealed that she, her mother Fatima, and brother Hash tested positive for COVID-19, despite being careful to themselves. 

She appeared feeling unwell when she posted the video on January 15, far from her usual jolly video.

"I'm not in agood position. Wala ako sa lugar na kaya kong magpasaya ngayon kasi ang bigat-bigat ng pinagdadaanan ko ngayon sa buhay," she said.

"The virus that we really tried to stay away and hindi magkaroon, e nagjaroon kami. Meron akong COVID," she added.

The actress couldn't help but to stay strong, adding that in the last two years she has been tested negative. She said that her mother was the first one who tested positive in their family.

"It's my first time to be positive this 2022. I was shocked because I thought that I was careful enough. We already had our vaccines and I do not go outside the house."

Ivana went on to say that everyone should be responsible when it display symptoms. 

"You have to take responsibility and you have to take accountability so if you are exposed or if you are not feeling well, huwag ka nang lumabas and maghintay ka nang five days, pagpa RT-PCR ka kasi ang hirap talaga," she urged her fans.

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