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 Carlos Laurel, a model and aspiring politician in Batangas has broke his silence about Gwyneth Anne Chua who skipped her quarantine in a hotel in Makati to party with friends. 

Laurel, who was among the circle of friends which are present in the party said, he did not know that Gwyneth skipped the quarantine when he later learned that Chua was positive.  

"Ms. Gwyneth Chua tested positive on Dec. 27, 2021 and I learned about the result the same day when my cousin messaged our group four (4) days after our dinner. 

"I did NOT know she had skipped quarantine nor did I have anything to do with the incident. My immediate response was to antigen myself and my family then isolate to monitor for possible symptoms. I then proceeded to inform those I came in close contact with about the current situation.

"Gwyneth is the girlfriend of a friend of my younger cousins who passed by at the end of dinner, Gwyneth was NOT invited to dinner by me or my relatives.

"I do not condone breaching of quarantine protocols. I am fully compliant and in contact with the CIDG and their current investigation on the incident. As to not interfere with the said investigation.

" I was advised by them not to further comment on the situation until its conclusion. I hope this has shed some transparency on the false accusations of my involvement in the breaching of quarantine protocols." 

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