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 The beauty of Thalia, better known as Marimar, has not faded even after several decades had passed since her telenovela aired.

As a superstar of both Mexican telenovelas (soap operas) and Latin pop music, Thalia has won worldwide fame. Known for her sultry, romantic image, she had reached an almost goddess-like stature in some countries, such as the Philippines.

In her latest Instagram post, she showed photos and videos of his awe-inspiring character transformation. 

In the caption of Thalia's post she said, "In my wildest dreams, I would have never imagined that this character would be a part of me during my lifetime. And of course with good reason, since I put all my heart, passion, and my style into how to create my ideal Costeñita, that is, a real part of me is forever captured in each scene we film.

Thalia glimpsed back at the opportunity. She expressed how grateful she was to have portrayed the part. She is also amazed by how Marimar continues to be a hit worldwide.

More than two decades later, #Marimar continues to conquer hearts and varied audiences in all territories, from all generations, and without a language barrier.

What I felt at the moment in which I began to characterize myself once again, but more than 20 years later, made me cry with joy and remember an avalanche of unforgettable moments.

Doing my hair with the diffuser, tanning my skin with makeup as I did daily during filming (note that at that time there weren't such good self-tanners😂), and putting on such an emblematic dress, automatically made me become a headpiece in my Dear Marimar. 🤗

How magical, and how fortunate to be able to share these emotions with the original fans of our Bella, and with the new generation that is just discovering the rhythm of our beloved coastal girl in viral challenges. 

I had a lot of fun doing it for all of you… although I have to admit, I also did it for myself… and I'm glad I had something hidden in the ❤️  

Thalia did her hair, applied tanning makeup, and even wore the original dress from the telenovela. 

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